Simply Business “You name it, we insure it”

Simply Business “You name it, we insure it”

We were approached by our good friends at Truant London to put the finishing touches to this quirky campaign for Simply Business. Aimed at YouTube viewers it had to have immediate impact and draw the viewer in. The first port of call was the grading process, going through shot by shot adding a complimentary tone to each scene. Making sure the irreverent business names were particularly clear. Next came finding a graphic transition device which fitted the fun comic book nature of the owners actions. We tried several different split screens before settling on the jagged offset screen wipes.

Aside from the obvious difficulties parsing the footage this was a highly creative project which allowed us complete freedom of imagination when approaching each of the assets. Each piece of footage presented a different creative challenge and required a certain degree of visual wit in order to elevate the user generated content from being any other piece of phone footage. We used many different techniques to apply the animation to the footage, from moving to shots that required motion tracking to rotoscoping in order to allow animation to interact with the subject matter.


The end device was particularly fun to do. We created a great little particle system we could add to the words smashing onto screen. The final version you see is toned down from what was quite explosive at the start! The final stage was to add some lovely sound design to punctuate movements and mix the audio down for YouTube. There you have it… A great little campaign completed in a few days and on last count over 1 million YouTube views!

Software: After Effects.