National Citizen Service “Feel Unstoppable”

The National Citizen Service recently approached Orchard and Ogilvy about creating a social media campaign which could effectively repurpose user generated video content. The concept for the campaign was to take video filmed by the young members of the service and transform them into witty animated vignettes by overlaying different animated scenarios. The major challenge this project presented was that the footage we were provided with varied massively in quality. As a majority of the content had been filmed on smart phones the content we had to work with was unique to the individuals model of phone and also filming style. Many of the clips were filmed in either portrait or landscape format which made it challenging when repurposing each clip to the various social media specifications.

Aside from the obvious difficulties parsing the footage this was a highly creative project which allowed us complete freedom of imagination when approaching each of the assets. Each piece of footage presented a different creative challenge and required a certain degree of visual wit in order to elevate the user generated content from being any other piece of phone footage. We used many different techniques to apply the animation to the footage, from moving to shots that required motion tracking to rotoscoping in order to allow animation to interact with the subject matter.


As many of the video clips had differing frame rates and levels of quality we decided to give the animation a stop motion feel in order to allow it to feel handcrafted and bespoke. This approach also gave a very playful feel to the graphics with the intention of instilling an ‘anything could happen’ improvised feel to each scenario. To accompany this visual approach we also chose to use a vibrant colour palette in order to allow the animations to stand out and really pack a punch against the sometimes dully lit and under saturated footage.

Software: After Effects.