Pearson In-App Videos

Pearson In-App Videos

Towards the end of 2017 Pearson Publications came to us with a project to create 48 videos for their new educational app. The videos were the first in a series of new content to support the wide range of syllabuses they offer. With such a wide range of courses this first batch included everything from hospitality to health and social care.

Each video needed to be centred around a live action presenter who would both educate the viewer on the particular subject as well as set tasks for the student to complete. To support the presenter in each video we were also tasked with creating animated content to punctuate what was being said and further engage the viewer in the subject matter.

Having drafted all scripts for each video alongside Pearson the team set to work on formulating ideas for the animated graphics, deciding when and where they would feature and how they could most effectively support the presenter. This part of the project formed the backbone of the workflow as it gave a structure to all the videos and the content required for each production. With a clear plan for the animated content in place all members of the production and post production teams were fed the information through Basecamp, our chosen online project management software.

The creative approach to this project had to be carefully considered as the chosen style of the animated graphics needed to be a suitable match to the budget apportioned to the project. With this in mind we developed a creative from the very beginning of the project which Orchard and Pearson felt was both realistic and impactful enough for the target audience.

Once the development stage was complete a 12 week production schedule was drawn up and agreed with Pearson, a timeline which required us to deliver a batch of 12 videos every 3 weeks. This meant the team would need to run like a well oiled machine and there would need to be a solid workflow in place in order to meet the demands of the schedule. Thankfully our team of dedicated animators, illustrators, sound designers, project managers and directors were able to more than meet the challenge and Orchard delivered all the videos to Pearson bang on schedule. Resulting in one happy (slightly exhausted) team and one very happy client.

Software: After Effects