Rosland Capital UK TVCs

Rosland Capital UK TVCs

How do you create low-cost ads for a brand to launch on Skyadsmart?

Orchard recently took on the challenge of producing and delivering a 30” and 60” TVC in an extremely short timeframe.

The project tested the team on their agility to see how and if it was possible to get two scripted ads from concept to broadcast within a tight timeframe and as cost effective as possible. There was a three to five day window to shoot the advert, edit, add graphics and produce the audio, resulting in a final execution that all stakeholders were happy with. Initial tests were carried out to create the close up coin elements in CG, however with the restrictive schedule Orchard were not able to include. However there were a few of the tests that were able to be added to the final execution- can you spot them?

Once the client agreed the initial creative a macro shoot of the commemorative coins took place. The team captured as many elements and angles as possible in order to build up a wealth of assets that could be used for future work. The team agreed that sometimes it works better to shoot elements instead of trying to complete everything in CGI.

After the shoot the artists began creating the edits and composites, designing a cost-effective 2D solution for creating beautiful gold type which would be used throughout the executions. Usually the team would go straight into C4D and although it would have achieved similar results this was a more cost-effective way.


30 sec TVC

The edits went through Clearcast with no amendments and they were passed over to the audio production team to add the voice over and soundtrack. Alex and the team did a great job of finding a voice over artist that fitted the gravitas Orchard were trying to create. The track selected was spot on and was within the tight budget of the project.

The end result was a 30” and 60” TVC which was Clearcast approved, in budget, on time, scripted and live in five days. This was a successful experiment that both challenged and taught the entire team at Orchard what was possible no matter a project’s constraints.

Software: After Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4d.