Orchard and RWM: Shaping the future of sustainability

Orchard and RWM: Shaping the future of sustainability

Orchard’s latest work in 2019 for MHP London and HM Government

Earlier this year Orchard were set the task of creating a series of animations to educate and demonstrate the impact and advantages of storing the UK’s nuclear waste in a long-term safe site. The challenge; to find a way to cut through as well as delivering the hard facts and clear benefits that the project would bring to a town in England or Wales over the next 100 years.

Pitching against UK competitors, Orchard were delighted to win the commission with a modular CG diorama creative execution which would capture attention and resonate with the intended audience. RWM’s brief was to create three 2-3 minute animations that covered the safety, investment and logistical procedures involved in choosing the long-term safe site. The winning creative execution enabled Orchard to build detailed sections of a fictional UK town with ease, demonstrating the enormity of the project and its effect on the local area.


The creative development began with the production of a detailed pencil animatic designed by in-house creatives which was tested at focus groups to understand readability and impact. In parallel a team of 3D artists began building a basic framework to keep the project moving as to the timing plan. The initial feedback from the focus groups was extremely positive; the animations’ messaging and visuals were impactful and connected with the audience.

After a few minor tweaks to the animation, building in the focus group feedback, the team set about piecing the small sections of the animation together. Using an extensive existing CG catalogue of assets the team created the scenes ranging from high streets, parks, leisure centres, hospitals, schools and modes of transport that make up an average UK town. A team of artists finalised the creative, adding details such as people and cars to bring the execution to life.

Pencil Film 1

Wireframe Film1

Pencil Film 2

Wireframe Film 2

Pencil Film 3

Wireframe Film 3

Once all the renders and composites were in place Alex, Orchard’s incredible audio producer, added the final audio. This is an exciting stage in a project timeline as everyone’s hard work comes together and the final visual is complete. The voice over was recorded in both English and Welsh in order to reach the intended audience.

Final Film 1

Final Film 2

Final Film 3

With a wealth of experience, expertise and an extensive asset library, Orchard is set apart from your average studio. Specialising in building complex, detailed projects within tight schedules and fixed budgets, Orchard consistently delivers projects that tackle difficult subject matters and sensitive areas with verve and laser-like attention to detail. The project has had fantastic cut through with positive feedback from audience and client alike:


“I worked with Luke and Martin on a project like no other: a suite of three animations – in 3D – that explain how we manage radioactive waste in the UK and why. I found the Orchard team collaborative, easy to talk to and happy to work with us with the scripts we provided. They have also been very solution-focused and resilient in the face of multiple comments from different nuclear experts. Getting the art right was only part of the challenge, it had to look accurate too, and that took a few revisions. The three animations have charm, tell the story clearly, flow easily and are currently receiving very good reviews at our public events. I’m very pleased with Orchard’s work and would work with them again.” 

For more information on the project: https://geologicaldisposal.campaign.gov.uk

Carla Greco

Digital Communications and Content Manager

Radioactive Waste Management, HM Government


Software: Cinema 4D, Premiere and After Effects.