Orchard & Global / Swale Heating TVC

Orchard’s latest futuristic TVC for Swale Heating features a charming animated robot boiler to deliver the key message.

Global Media group contacted Orchard to work on the 30” animated TVC and provided a detailed script which the in-house artists developed initial concepts from and set up the animatic. This was the first project that Orchard have been commissioned to work on by Global’s advertising arm.

Orchard were set the task to create a robotic boiler and at first the design direction of the robot was slightly more traditional with robotic arms and legs instead of a more streamlined body. Swale wanted to achieve an end result that was much more futuristic but still closely resembled a modern boiler. The creative storyboard and exploration looked to Maglev robots as a reference point as the height of modern technological advancement without losing the friendly charismatic feel of the robot. The robot needed to be a lively character who would be a vehicle to welcome the customer into the home and deliver the key message in a fun, simple and engaging manner.


Final model

Once the scamps were approved by all stakeholders, Orchard created the CG model. This went through several evolutions with amends to the design and the addition of further details as the TVC developed. Various surface textures and face designs were explored before setting on the final look and feel as the robotic character had to remain both functional and recognised as a boiler.



The next stage was a really important part of the process involving Orchard’s in-house storyboard artists who created the animatic. The animatic brought the script to life and provided a clear view as to how all of the components would work together. It set the scene lengths, timings and gave animation guides for the animators.

Then each of the scenes actions were built out in 3D software. This mapped out how each scene was presented, the camera moves and the character blocking. Although at this stage the animation was only a wireframe grayscale render, this was an invaluable part of the process as it showcases the fundamental TVC animation actions at an early stage, before further resource is allocated to finalising the creative which is cost-effective for all stakeholders.

Final TVC

Once all of the final feedback on the grayscale render came through, Orchard sent the shots to the render farm. The compositing team then added all of the final tweaks; reflections, flairs and grading. This is an exciting stage in a project as the team’s hard work comes together and the final visual is complete.

Orchard is extremely proud of the end result that was within budget and produced on time and looks forward to exploring the robot character device for Swale going forward in future advertising.


“Orchard has been an absolute pleasure to work with and quickly became an extension of the creative team here at Global. We had a relatively small budget to try and do something big with and the guys pulled it off. From character design through to look development and the finished animation the work has been of a really high standard. Orchard couldn’t do more for us and even rose to the challenge of having to produce an extra animated shot one week before the deadline. Would highly recommend them.


John Callaghan

Senior Creative Manager

Global Media & Entertainment Group


Software: C4D, Vray, Premiere and After Effects.